How it works

Check us out, explore your options with our free online Plan Builder. Then if you'd like us to help you make decisions you can submit your draft plan.

Plan Builder

Have fun with our free Plan Builder: update your home info and explore your options. Then submit your initial/draft ideas/plan, and we’ll book in a Home Survey and Ecofurb Plan.

Home Survey and Ecofurb Plan

You can discuss your ideas with your Ecofurb Coordinator, they will survey your home and send you an Ecofurb Plan. This report makes it easy to see what will have the biggest impact for your home, the likely costs, and how the work would fit with any extension or other improvements you are planning.

Your Ecofurb Coordinator can specify the energy efficiency works and get you quotes from vetted local contractors who are members of our cooperative. We’ll send you an agreement setting out exactly how we help.


Some jobs need a Building Performance Specification. This ensures all the contractors and designers working on your project are on the same page, with the right technical guidance to bring the energy efficiency benefits and avoid unintended consequences.


We get you up to three quotes for each area of work, saving you time and hassle. Your Coordinator makes sure the contractors all quote for the same scope of work, and that the work is what you need.

Your chosen contractors carry out the work, with your Coordinator there to ensure that it meets the specifications. They sign off completed works before approving final payments.


Your Coordinator is by your side to check and oversee the works. On larger, more complex projects they will schedule regular face to face meetings. Your Coordinator is independent of the contractor and both are working for you.


Your coordinator will check everything is as it should be after the work is finished. When they are happy that the work has been carried out to specification they will it sign it off and payment becomes due. If yours is a larger project, you may have paid some deposits or interim payments.