Our story

Welcome to Ecofurb

We are all working at home at the moment, but very much working. We were a little stuck on what to do about socially distant staff photos and hope you enjoy our efforts at home photography!

Our motivation

In 2009, Russell, Chris, Alaine and David put their heads together: using their experience in engineering, energy and sustainability, they wanted to make it easier for people to make a positive change to their homes and carbon footprints. This is the driving force behind Ecofurb.

We see a big plus in that you hold power in your hands: you can make a huge difference by refitting your home, and at the same design the place you want to live.



Making it happen

While planning work to make his home more energy efficient, Russell found it wasn't easy to work out whether to insulate or get solar, replace windows or draughtproof: in short, to know what has the greatest impact for the best value. Or how to go about it. The advice he wanted just didn’t exist - it was too generic or too biased.

So he wanted to make things easier, and with Chris, Alaine and David set about doing this. Together, they created a model to pinpoint the best options for individual houses, and Chris's family used this for an award winning renovation on their home.

Over the years, we have found that home owners want help not only with these calculations but also finding reliable builders and overseeing work. So we have designed the full Ecofurb service, to be there from start to finish.


Our team

The Ecofurb team is currently 12 people, normally based in a rather small and basic but very well insulated office full of greenery in South London. We work with our team of expert Ecofurb Coordinators and cooperative of builders and other professionals, based across and around London.

We like to talk about buying an old house to fit it up as an eco home so that we can invite you in, and perhaps one day we will - but just for now we’re going to concentrate on fitting up more of our clients’ homes.

If you're interested, you can also read up on the company and project development.