Our contractors

Builders, specialist installers, design professionals and more

Ecofurb offers you impartial advice on how to make your home energy efficient, and can arrange for you to receive quotes.

The contractors we work with are local businesses and tradespeople, and are members of our cooperative. So you can choose who you want to work with, knowing they have been vetted in advance.

Why use our cooperative of contractors?

Our contractors are good and offer fair prices: we independently check them and their work.

All the businesses and tradespeople who become a member of our cooperative are vetted and agree to our standards. Our model of working means that their prices and works are checked by Ecofurb Coordinators. Our coordinators provide advice to you, and they are independent of the contractors.

Your Ecofurb Coordinator can choose the member contractors who have the skills most suited to your project, and get you up to three quotes. Working with Ecofurb takes the frustration and hard work out of finding and comparing quotes, while still offering you alternatives. We present you with quotes from reliable businesses in a way that you can easily compare, so you can choose the contractors you want to do the work.  

You can have more peace of mind as Ecofurb oversees the work to make sure it meets standards and the agreed specification. Payment, or the balance, will only be due once your independent Ecofurb Coordinator has checked and signed off the works. On larger projects, any deposit and/or interim payments will be checked as fair by your Coordinator and clearly communicated and agreed with you up front.

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