Our development

And here's the detail, which we of course find fascinating, and some of you may just want to read:

Ecofurb is a new service offered by Parity Projects, an award-winning company who have been offering home energy advice since 2005.

We are working with partners, RetrofitWorks, a not-for-private-profit cooperative of quality, conscientious installers since 2013.

Both organisations were founded by Russell Smith and colleagues in their quest to provide solutions to domestic carbon emissions. To read more you can visit Parity Projects and RetrofitWorks . 

In 2018, Parity Projects successfully bid for some development funding from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, as one of six pilot projects across the country. 

The funding is for the set up of the service, research and learnings, rather than for grants for works. The idea being that Ecofurb and other business ventures will be able to offer people a way to renovate homes for energy efficiency in the long term. 

Ecofurb won't be reliant on any outside funding to keep providing services: we're not planning on going anywhere, except to other parts of the country so that more people can get help with their renovations. Read about our business model.

Ecofurb is also working with 11 borough councils to reach Londoners with the opportunity to access energy efficiency refurbishment through a cooperative of local, competitive SMEs.

Our council partners aren't involved in the building and installation work - this is all handled by Ecofurb - but rather want to show everyone living in their areas the options available. 

We'd love to talk to you if you have any questions, and you can contact Josie, our Project Manager, on josie.evetts@parityprojects.com