Advice and Quotes

Ecofurb Plan

Ecofurb Plan £200

  • Home survey and meet your Ecofurb Coordinator
  • Detailed report 
  • Follow-up call to answer any questions

Your Ecofurb Coordinator will talk with you and survey your home, so that they can produce your Ecofurb Plan.

This report shows your home's current performance, what you could achieve, and a phased plan taking you as close to net zero carbon as possible. This makes it easy to see the costs and benefits of each option or phase, as well as understand how this work would fit with any extension or other improvements you are planning. With this and your Coordinator on hand to advise, you can easily decide which work to have done when. 

If you are avoiding visits to your home at the moment, you can start off with a remote survey. Contact us so we can see whether your home is suitable.

Building Performance Specification 

Once you have decided on the work you want done, this specification document puts our expertise into one place for all the contractors and designers working on your project. It ensures everyone involved is on the same page and following our technical guidance on how best to refurbish your home in line with your energy saving objective.

It sets out what’s possible under your local planning restrictions, the aims of the work (including technical drawings and suggested design work) and outlines the sequence of work, to achieve energy saving to industry best practice.  

It’s quite a technical document, so it might not be your idea of fun to understand all the detail, but we consult you fully so that it reflects your plans, and answer any questions you have about the contents.

This level of attention to detail is rarely (if ever!) seen in the home energy improvement industry and there have unfortunately been homeowners who have suffered poor work as a result. With Ecofurb you can be confident your work will be professionally specified, have oversight from an impartial Ecofurb Coordinator, and meet government standards for quality.   

The Building Performance Specification is priced according to the size and complexity of the project and so the time involved to produce it - normally between £250 and £950. Not all projects need this specification, but most of those that we carry out do.

Receive quotations

Receiving quotations is included in these advice and quote services and doesn't cost you an extra penny. When your Ecofurb Coordinator visits to do your home survey they will also gather the information contractors will need to quote - saving you time and hassle at the outset. 

We will get you up to three quotations from local businesses who are members of our cooperative for all the works you would like to do. The beauty of working with an Ecofurb Coordinator is that they make sure that the contractors all quote for the same work in the same way, and that the work is what you need. And if you would like them to, they can help you chose between the quotes. Your preferred contractors will then visit to check details and confirm the quotes.

This service is suitable for renovations and multi-improvement works of over £10k.