Working safely

Working safely in homes and remote advice


Work can continue in homes during lockdown. We are fully prepared with systems for making this as safe as possible.

Working in your home

We know that each customer and their home, and each job, is different: so Ecofurb looks at potential visits individually for:

  • the layout of your home and how feasible it would be to work safely
  • the purpose of our visit and areas of the home we need to access
  • who needs to visit your home, eg a single surveyor or a team of contractors
  • whether anyone living at your property falls in a high-risk group

If we think it is possible to work safely in your home we get in touch with clear information about how we can do this, so you can decide whether you are happy to go ahead.

There is a checklist for those visiting your home and guidance for you to follow as well.

Once we've made the appointment, we’ll stay in touch in case you or anyone coming to your home develops symptoms.

You will not be charged for any appointment you need to cancel if you have symptoms. And of course we may need to reschedule an appointment if anyone due to work in your home shows symptoms and we can’t reassign the work to another person.

If you have a question or want further information in the meantime, please get in touch with Tom on or 0330 123 1334 

Official guidance

Our priority is of course the safety of our customers and contractors.

We keep up to date with guidance from the Government, Public Health England and the Health and Safety Executive. We've also taken expert health and safety and medical advice. Armed with this information and buiding on our years of practical experience working in people’s homes we've adjusted our working practices.